Scattered Longings by Richard Inya


The sea over there is a mirror;

take a look at yourself

at the bottom of the sea.


You are strands of seaweeds

posing for marauding lives.

Oblivion is around the dying.


Your soul speaks to your spirit

and the sound reaches Agadez.

There is a thing about you in Tripoli

but your body borders Italy


The Saharan sun fleeced your skin

like a sheep sheared for wool.

The sky bullied your longings,

Yet you beat all to the sea.


Your father’s eyes are glued to the skyline.

Your mother’s throat is longer than the sea’s.

Expectations often are more on travellers,

but only divers speak to sailing bodies.



Richard Inya is a widely published poet and short story writer whose works have been adopted for use in over eight states in Nigeria. He is the Vice Chairman, Ebonyi State Branch of the Association of Nigerian Authors. Apart from his literary engagements, he works with the Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi State now Alex Ekwueme University.