Art by Ibe Ekuma

Photography by Ibe Ekuma

Artsist Statement

“Painting is like a journey – I think I know where I am going but usually, I end up someplace else. That ‘someplace’ is worth the journey for surprises can indeed be the spice of life!”

It is my feeling that art is a journey of interest. A representation of boldness and the desire to breakout of the mundane world. That’s why my art does not have a sophisticated agenda. Inspired by God’s creation and variety, and the craftiness of humankind especially the facial expression, I incorporate variety in my paintings with sometimes a rather boldness of gesture, colour or line to emphasize life, vigor and strength, yet mixing that with softness and peacefulness, is what I enjoy. It is in this blending of the diverse aspects of life that my style emerges. I would describe myself as an abstract and expressive representational painter who emphasizes colour and employs a flair for the surreal.

Art by Ibe Ekuma

I paint straight from my soul. I create art simply hoping that my work would make people feel engaged, happy, reflective, joyful and most importantly surprised. I want my viewers to see what I see and to think outside the box by experiencing the joy of life.

My work spans landscape, figure and still life. In this genre – figures, time and place narrate abstracts and suggests a journey, a message, and that home really matters.

Ibe Ekuma is a painter, fine-artist, photographer and illustrator. She can be considered as one of the upcoming and influential artists of the 21st century. Ibe loves to work with different variety of mediums and different styles to create a unique and unusual artwork.