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The Village Square Journal welcomes submissions from writers and art lovers the world over. We publish fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, opinion, essays, reviews – stories, books, film & music, interviews and arts/photography, and more. Please make sure to read our guidelines thoroughly before submitting or pitching us.

Ensure that all submissions are made with a cover letter on the body of the email. The cover letter should state your name, entry details, contact email and address as well as a short bio.

Email submissions to: Submissions@villagesquarejournal.com

Publishers who want to advertise their books and promote their authors on our  website can reach us at thevillagesquarejournal@gmail.com

Organisations and firms interested in advertising on our platforms can contact us at thevillagesquarejournal@gmail.com


Current Call for Submissions

The Village Square Journal is seeking innovative essays, poetry, short nonfiction and visual art pieces that explore the current mood of Zimbabweans.

From marking the country’s first Independence Day without Robert Mugabe in 38 years to gearing up for an election day that also does not include his name on the ballot, the world is curious to know what the nation’s citizens are thinking, feeling and talking about, including what they think about the electioneering process, events and individual experiences on the election day and post-election activities. We want to hear your thoughts.

Submissions starts August 1, 2018 and ends September 28, 2018

For this current call, email your submissions to noma@villagesquarejournal.com and follow the general guidelines on this page for how to prepare and submit your works.


General Submissions/Publishing Periods:


Essays:            January to December (All Year Round)

Opinion:        January to December (All Year Round)

Reviews:         January to December (All Year Round)

Interviews:     January to December (All Year Round)

Arts/Photography: January to December (All Year Round)


Fiction & Folklore:

Submissions:   February. March. June. July. October. November

Published:       All Year Round

Creative Nonfiction:

Submissions:   January. February. May. June. September. October

Published:        All Year Round


Submissions:   February. April. May. July. August. September. October

Published:       All Year Round

Note that entrants will be notified of the proposed publication date of their work after it has gone through edits.



We publish high standard stories that meet all traditional criteria for measuring successful short stories in all known literary expressions and sub-genres including satire, fantasy, romance, crime and erotica. We accept fiction of between 3, 000 to 10, 000 word long.

Please submit only one piece per reading period and wait for a response before submitting again.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Genre/Name of Author.

Example:  Submission/Fiction/Amara Walker



We accept creative nonfictional stories of between 3, 000 to 10, 000 words long that tells the human story in such a way that captivates and engages. We explore travel writing, long form personal memoirs and more.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Genre/Name of Author.

Example:  Submission/Creative Nonfiction/Amara Walker



We are looking for reviews of books published the world over including self-published books, and we welcome both commissioned and independent reviews. We will also publish reviews of short stories, music and film.

Reviews must be between 800 to 3,000 words long.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Review of (Name of Work)/Name of Reviewer.

Example:  Submission/Review of Satans & Shaitans /Amara Walker

Please query us in advance before submitting a review. Attention Obinna Udenwe in the e-mail.

 Publishers who want their books reviewed by our in-house Reviewer must send a query first to Editors@villagesquarejournal.com.

Publishers who want to advertise their books and promote their authors on our website can reach us at thevillagesquarejournal@gmail.com. Note that we shall charge a token for this.

If we are interested we shall request two copies of the book to be mailed to us.

Film and Music houses who want their works reviewed must first send a query to Editors@villagesquarejournal.com. Attention Ngum Ngafor.



We accept essays cutting across all genres and spheres; be it political, literary, economical or religious. We welcome essays from writers and politicians, journalists and academics etc. We encourage essays between 1, 500 to 10, 000 words long with references if possible.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Genre/Name of Author.

Example:  Submission/Essay/Amara Walker



While we do not publish news stories, we accept opinion-eds from our readers and writers across the world on any current world news or affair, or on any essay/work we have published. We encourage opinion of between 700 to 2000 words long.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Category/Name of Author.

Example:  Submission/Opinion/Amara Walker

All Opinion-eds must be sent to:




We publish poems that addresses the human condition in all its forms. Please submit NOT more than two poems at a time but NOTE that one of the poems can cause us to reject the two.

Submit your poems with a short statement of not more than 100 words long explaining the poems concept, meaning and style.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Genre/Name of Author.

Example:  Submission/Poetry/Amara Walker



We recognise the contributions folklore across all localities and region has made to the promotion of education, reshaping the society and building cultural/traditional appreciation. Therefore, we have created a special space for folktales on The Village Square Journal. We welcome the submission of folklore, folksong and tales from Asia, Africa, America and Europe – everywhere imaginable. Share with our readers those stories that reshaped your childhood in many possible ways.

Stories can be between 1,000 to 5,000 words long.

Submission to read thus: Submission/Genre/Name of Author.

Example: Submission/Folklore/Amara Walker



We would love to publish photos that draw attention to the human condition and contemporary issues. Please submit NOT more than two works at a time.

Submitted images must NOT be less than 300dpi.

Email Subject must read as follows: Submission/Genre/Name of Author.

Example:  Submission/Art & Photography/Amara Walker


We publish hilarious conversations around very important OR seemingly mundane issues. Read our Jollof War conversation to understand what we mean. We welcome comic makers, comedians, cartoonists and groups who have had interesting conversation and is willing to collate and share this conversation with the world.

Your conversation can be of any length. As long as it is funny and catchy, we shall publish it.

Submission to read thus: Submission/Tidbits/Name

Example: Submission/Conversation on Black Panther/Amara Walker & co

Send your Tidbits to: Osemome@villagesquarejournal.com


We currently do not pay for accepted works at the moment but we hope to change this policy as soon as we are financially capable of doing so.

Simultaneous Submissions:

We accept simultaneous submissions though we do not encourage this, as we aim to respond within 8 weeks of receiving your submission. But please do notify us as soon as your submission is accepted somewhere else.

Manuscript Submissions Instruction:

  1. All submitted works (fiction, creative nonfiction, essays and reviews) must appear in Times New Roman, Font 12.
  2. Submissions must be double-spaced.
  3. Submissions must be centre-justified.
  4. The first page of submission must have the following: Title of Work, Author’s Name, Country & Contact Details followed by the work itself on the second page.
  5. The start of the second page must have the manuscript’s word count on the top right hand corner.
  6. Every page of the manuscript must be numbered.
  7. All dialogue must appear in double quotation marks where necessary.
  8. We do not encourage the italicizing of non-English words.
  9. We ask that thoughts must be reflected in italics.
  10. Author’s name is not to appear any other place on the manuscript aside the first page.

Important Note:

Sometimes we require external readers to read submissions before we make our decision. Authors are advised of this and to note that we shall reserve first world right for the first six (6) months after publication. This right reverts back to the author on the expiration of 6 months, at which point the author is free to submit the work somewhere else.

Please submit only one piece of work and in just one category at a time. That is, do not submit a work of poetry and folklore at same time. Failure to adhere to this instruction, we shall delete the submissions unread.

You are advised to wait for two months after we have responded to your submission before sending a new work unless you are already our published author.

Works published in The Village Square Journal can be entered for prizes and awards as soon as it is published. If need be, we shall assist the author to do so.