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Ngum Ngafor

Contributing Editor

Ngum Ngafor is a Cameroonian with a loud keyboard and a bull’s eye focus on W.E.D. – women’s issues, education and development.

A love of all things innovatively African, inspired her to found the Africally Speaking blog. When she’s not busy plotting its return, the Nollywood lover can be found ranting or raving about her favourite topics or sharing hilarious one-liners from Nigerian movies, on social media. Ngum also adores cinema from other parts of Africa and the diaspora.

When it comes to music, her taste is eclectic – thanks to an upbringing which, exposed Ngum to sounds from all around the world, for this. Hang around her long enough and you’ll find yourself falling in love with Kassav, TP Okay Jazz and 1970s makossa.

Nothing inspires Ngum like the work of African American writer, Toni Morrison! Ngum lives in the UK. She is the Contributing Editor for Interviews/Film