Portrait of an Astronomer Observing the Night Sky from St. Catherine’s, Sinai




Iskandar Haggarty’s exclusively stylistic poem sheds light into the known and the unknown, questioning their effect on human feelings and nature. 


perhaps it’s Salah El Din

and perhaps not. perhaps

the king Ptolemy and the

scholar Ptolemy were



    perhaps the

mother of the night sky

sheds her silken dress

like comets falling as

letters, inscribing

lovelorn dunes. perhaps


the astronomer asks

questions he’s not

supposed to ask. perhaps

the astronomer falls

in love with the night


    sky. and

when his children like

beetles crawl out from

under his skin perhaps

he will let them feed on

the soft


ravines the moon may

set between the











Iskandar Haggarty is the Editor in Chief of Firefly Magazine and a Best of the Net nominated poet. Recently, his work has appeared in The Stockholm Review of Literature, OCCULUM, Moonchild Magazine, and others. One of his favorite places is by the sea.

©Featured image published courtesy of Nora Vasconcelos